Anavar Stacks for Serious Gains

Anavar StacksAlthough some athletes combine Anavar for sale online only with maintenance doses of testosterone and enjoy high-quality gains, those who really want to see results create powerful Anavar stacks. Before you attempt any of the stacks below, remember that taking more than one steroid at a time during a cycle increases the risks of side effects. Use each of these components wisely and at the recommended doses for the best results.


Although some athletes say that testosterone is not necessary for short-lived Anavar stack, the truth is that you will need to supplement with this hormone if you want to take steroids long enough to see a difference. All anabolic steroids bind to the same receptors in the brain as testosterone (namely because they are all derivatives) and stop the body from producing the hormone naturally. As such, symptoms such as fatigue, loss of libido, and even erectile dysfunction may develop. To combat this, you should take a daily maintenance dose of testosterone throughout your cycle to keep the levels up.


Equipoise and Anavar stacks are incredibly popular among athletes because they produce phenomenal energy boosts, lots of stamina, and increased strength. While you will not get quick, massive gains with this combination, you will enjoy steady, lean, and high-quality gains that do not consist of water weight. A good stack includes two 200mg doses of Equipoise per week along with about 40mg of Anavar daily for 10 weeks. What’s more, supplementing further with creatine will help you hang on to your gains long after your cycle is over.


Masteron works much like Equipoise in Anavar stacks, although it provides more fat burning properties than Equipoise. This is the best stack for anyone who wants to sculpt his body prior to a competition since the Masteron boosts the subcutaneous and visceral fat burning properties of Anavar. A 40mg daily dose of Anavar along with 80mg per day of Masteron for 10 weeks will produce outstanding results for most athletes.


On the other side of the spectrum, Trenbolone and Anavar stacks supply the necessary fuel for huge gains. Both of these compounds are familiar to many athletes, and they are relatively easy to find when compared to others. The Trenbolone provides the majority of the muscle gain, but the Anavar works alongside it synergistically by providing energy, stamina, and decreases in post-workout fatigue. Remember to use an aromatase inhibitor with this stack since Trenbolone readily converts to estrogen in the bloodstream.

Dianabol – The Stack to Avoid

Finally, you should never stack Anadrol with Dianabol – or with any other oral anabolic steroid, for that matter. Anavar is hepatotoxic (though only mildly when used alone) so stacking it with another oral steroid is a bad idea. Dianabol for sale online is arguably the most powerful oral steroid on the market today, but it is also incredibly toxic to the liver. When combined with another oral steroid, those risks skyrocket and the benefits no longer outweigh the risks.

Anavar stacks can either help you with high-quality gains or give you that edge you need when it comes to cutting fat, but it all depends on the compounds you choose. If you want gains, Trenbolone is the best choice. Conversely, if you are in a cutting cycle, choose Masteron instead.

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